Terms & Conditions – Recupel Pick-up

General Terms and Conditions for collection by Recupel Pick-up

1. Applicability

Notwithstanding any past or future communication to the contrary, these General Terms and Conditions of the Recupel Pick-up platform (hereinafter: “Recupel Pick-up”), which is fully supported by Recupel vzw (hereinafter: “Recupel”), apply to all collections arranged through the Recupel Pick-up platform.

A legal or natural person (hereinafter: the “Requester”) calling upon Recupel Pick-up to arrange a collection explicitly accepts the applicability and contents of these General Terms and Conditions, as well as the explicit exclusion of all other general terms and conditions (including their own). The Requester understands and accepts that the WEEE that it has collected through the Recupel Pick-up platform may be eligible for re-use through the recycling centres.

Any invalidity of one or more clauses in these General Terms and Conditions shall not affect the applicability of the remaining clauses.

2. Conditions to be fulfilled by the Requester

The collection address that the Requester provides should be located in Belgium and the Requester should have a valid VAT number, company registration number, or establishment unit number (for schools only).

The Requester must provide correct information about the following items:

- The collection address

- The opening hours

- The contact person and associated contact details (telephone, email, surname, first name, etc.)

- The type of receptacle / number of items to be collected as well as the type of waste to be collected per item:

Ø Small (from 40 cm (length) by 30 cm (width) by 30 cm (height) - cardboard WEEE boxes (minimum 2 boxes per request)

o Lightbulbs

o Other WEEE

Ø Medium (+/- 1m³) - roll cages (receptacle shaped like a metal wire cage with four doors, mounted on four fixed-wheel casters with brakes, with a base area of 81 cm (length) by 71.5 cm (width) and a height of 190 cm.)

Ø Large (+/- 2m³) - Box pallets (wooden pallet with a base area of 120 cm x 100 cm, approx. 178 cm high. This receptacle can hold up to 550 kg of WEEE.

Ø Per item (large appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, sports equipment, dishwashers, tumble dryers, etc.)

o Large white appliances

o Cooling and freezing appliances

3. Storage of the electrical/electronic appliances

The Requester shall ensure that the appliances presented for collection:

Ø have not been dismantled and that no components have been removed;

Ø are free from any products or objects that do not belong with them (e.g. packaging, protective materials, remains of food, garden waste, etc.). Accessories that are not essential parts of the appliance will not be accepted;

Ø are dry and located in a place that is sheltered from rain and snow, and stored in accordance with the applicable legal and regulatory obligations;

Ø Lightbulbs must always be stored separately from WEEE.

4. Preparation for collection

4.1 General, for all types of receptacles

The WEEE must be at a single location, ready to for transport or for placement in the receptacles (see point 4.2 for the large receptacles (Box pallets)), which means that must be easily accessible on a hard surface. With the exception of the ‘large receptacles’ (Box pallets), the Requester and collector shall be jointly responsible for filling the receptacles provided by the collector. The ‘large receptacles’ (box pallets) should be filled according to the conditions described in point 4.2.

Access to this area must be suitable for easy removal of the discarded appliances from the area, taking into account the size, weight, and manoeuvrability of the discarded appliances and the requested types of receptacles, as described in Article 2 of these General Terms and Conditions.

Only appliances listed as domestic appliances on the Recupel appliances list applicable at the time of collection and for which a Recupel contribution has been paid can be collected via Recupel Pick-up. The recycling and transportation of professional appliances is not financially supported by Recupel, since only an administrative contribution applies to these products when they are placed onto the market.

4.2 Additional preparation - large receptacles (Box pallets)

In exceptional cases, the large receptacles (Box pallets) will be delivered empty to the Requester in advance. The Requester then has three (3) working days to fill the receptacles independently before the collector, mandated by Recupel, comes to collect the full Box pallets in accordance with the terms and conditions described in Point 4.1.

5. Collection

The Requester accepts that this collection is not done by Recupel itself but by a third party contracted by Recupel. This Collector complies with all the legal obligations for transporting WEEE.

Following prior notification, the Requester shall grant the person who provides identification as a Recupel/Recupel Pick-up subcontractor for collecting the discarded appliances immediate access to the area where the discarded appliances are stored.

The collector shall not be made to wait more than 15 minutes at the address where filled ‘large receptacles’ (bBox pallets) are to be collected (Point 4.2).

Recupel may refuse (future) collections through Recupel Pick-up if these General Terms and Conditions are repeatedly breached.

Recupel may contact the Requester to propose that it becomes a Collection Point if it has made at least three (3) requests for collections through Recupel Pick-up under the same VAT number in one year.

6. Price

Recupel shall cover all the costs of the transports requested by the Requester via Recupel Pick-up.

7. Recupel’s commitments concerning Recupel Pick-up

Recupel will deal with the Requester’s requests via Recupel Pick-up in accordance with to the following conditions:

- Provided the request has been submitted correctly by the Requester (clear and complete information), the collection will be carried out by a transporter assigned by Recupel, within three (3) working days following the validation of the request by Recupel;

- In the event of an exceptionally high number of requests, it is possible that the aforementioned collection period will be exceeded. In this exceptional situation, Recupel shall ensure that the Requester is informed in good time;

- If a request is considered incomplete, Recupel’s Customer Support Service will contact the contact person designated by the Requester to obtain additional information;

- Recupel engages a contracted third party to carry out this collection;

- If one and the same Requester (based on the VAT number) requests more than 3 collections per year, Recupel’s Customer Support Service may contact the Requester to propose that it becomes a Recupel collection point;

- In the context of the compulsory completion of the waste products register for parties disposing of WEEE, Recupel shall provide the Requester with a certificate every year for the collections made by Recupel Pick-Up during that year. This certificate shall state the collected weight (based on averages, depending on the type and number of receptacles/items) per EURAL code.

Fulfilment of these conditions does not constitute an obligation of result on Recupel’s part, but a best-efforts obligation.

8. Change to General Terms and Conditions

Recupel retains the right to change these General Terms and Conditions at any time. If a request from the Requester is pending at the time of a change, it will still be handled in accordance with the initially accepted General Terms and Conditions.

9. Personal data

To request a collection, the Requester must designate a contact person. Recupel processes this contact person’s personal data for the purpose of organising / improving / monitoring the collection requested by the Requester. With a view to evaluating and improving its services, Recupel may also use the personal data of the Requester’s contact person to request feedback after the collection on the Requester’s experience of the service provided. This data will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Policy, to which the Requester must consent.

10. Sanctions

If Recupel repeatedly establishes that the Requester has not complied with the General Terms and Conditions above, Recupel may decide unilaterally to no longer accept requests from this Requester via the Recupel Pick-up platform. This decision will always be communicated to the Requester in writing and can only be taken after Recupel has sent at least two (2) written warnings (via email or letter) to the Requester.